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CEREC Crowns Get You On Your Way

If you've needed crowns on your teeth, you may recall the hassle of the process. A thick, goopy paste is used to make the needed impressions; it tastes strange and can cause gagging or choking. You probably visited your dentist's office multiple times for fittings and CEREC crowns other appointments before the crown fit properly. However, Comprehensive Dental Group in Stamford, Connecticut has totally streamlined the process by using CEREC 3D technology. you can now leave with your final restoration in just a few hours with little to no discomfort.


The CEREC is a computer-aided system used in the dental industry. Dr. Irina Pogosian and Dr. Thomas Ohlson use a small wand-like device called an intra-oral scanner to acquire pictures of your teeth. Through a computer program, these pictures are then made into a 3D image. From there, your Stamford dentist can create a model of your restoration on the computer in about 15 minutes. A 3D manufacturing device then carves out your new restoration on ceramic in just 20 minutes or less. The crown will fit perfectly, meaning there will be no need for follow-up appointments, extra anesthetic, or uncomfortable temporary crowns.


Because your Stamford dentist takes digital impressions of your teeth, you'll be much more comfortable than when you've received a traditional impression in years past. Traditional impressions are uncomfortable to wear and difficult to remove, leaving the pasty material behind. Digital impressions simply employ the intra-oral scanner; it rests in your mouth while a staff member at Comprehensive Dental Group takes a few pictures. The whole process takes minutes and there is no discomfort involved.


Taking impressions "the old way" with a tray full of putty isn't an exact science, meaning that the resulting restorations usually do not fit correctly the first or even second time. CEREC digital impressions, however, are incredibly accurate because the restorations are processed from high-quality images of the teeth. Digitally-made impressions have about 15-20 microns of error (which is less than the width than a human hair). Your crowns, therefore, are likely to fit as soon as they're finished being carved at your Stamford dentist's office.

The entire CEREC system provides a safe, comfortable and easy way to get a crown from start to finish. If you need a restoration and want to experience this technology, contact the dental offices of Dr. Pogosian and Dr. Ohlson today!

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