Invisalign Corrects Your Smile In Secret

InvisalignHaving a perfectly straight smile can be hard to achieve for many of us - but do you know there's an easy and effective solution that's ready to restore any smile? Meet Invisalign® clear aligners, which are the convenient and discreet brace replacement that's made from invisible polyurethane plastic.

The dentists at Comprehensive Dental Group offer Invisalign therapy for the young and old. Better yet, the dentists on-site know that Invisalign clear aligners are removable, providing yet another benefit for one of the most lauded smile solutions available today.

Take a look below at three of the biggest reasons why people of all ages who suffer from a crooked smile choose Invisalign:

It's Discreet - Many patients would rather not have the whole world see their orthodontic journey unfold over the next 12 months (the typical duration of an Invisalign therapy). Fortunately, unlike obvious metal braces in your mouth, Invisalign can help enhance your self-image with its invisible aligners
It's Effective - Through each stage of the Invisalign therapy, which involves your aligners being replaced by new ones every two weeks to move your teeth that much closer to their final position, you'll be that much closer to the straightened smile you've been dreaming of having!
It's Comfortable - Invisalign aligners are made from ultra-thin, flexible materials that won't cause unnecessary friction and irritation in your mouth (like what bulky metal braces are often known for)

Invisalign: Caring For Your Teeth

Just because you have your teeth beneath those awesome invisible aligners doesn't mean your daily dental hygiene routine is off the hook! Remember to brush your teeth after you eat so loose food particles don't get stuck in your aligners, leading to plaque build-up and potential tooth decay later. Also, don't forget to clean your aligners by brushing them gently before rinsing them in lukewarm water.

For more information on why Invisalign is the discreet smile solution for people of all ages, give the office of Comprehensive Dental Group a call today at (203) 359-3296 for a straightened smile right here in Stamford, CT!

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