Post-Teeth Whitening Smile Care

After finally getting your gorgeous white smile from your favorite Stamford, CT dentist at Comprehensive Dental Group, the last thing you want is to allow your teeth to become discolored again. Yet, the same bad habits that discolored your teeth the first time are likely to have the same effect this time--unless you change your habits, that is. Want a brilliant white smile that lasts and lasts? Here are four post-teeth whitening smile care tips you need to know.teeth Whitening

1. Brush Regularly

The most important step you can take to keep your teeth white and to avoid needing another whitening treatment from a Stamford, CT dentist is to brush your teeth regularly. Brushing is the best way to remove all the food particles and bacteria from the surface of your teeth. Don't let these particles and germs build up; brush at least twice a day--morning and night. Be sure you floss as well, in order to get anything stuck in between your teeth.

2. Avoid the Worst Offenders--Especially in the First 48 Hours

If you want to maintain your new brilliant smile, it is absolutely essential that you avoid anything that could stain your teeth for the first 48 hours. This will give the surface of your teeth time to harden and seal in that bright white color. Stain-causing substances include not only tobacco, coffee and soda, but also lipstick, berries, ketchup, red sauces and even lettuce. (Ask your Comprehensive Dental Group dentist for a complete list.)

After the first 48 hours, you can return to enjoying all of your favorite foods, just be sure to keep stain-causing substances such as coffee, tobacco and soda to a minimum if you can't quit them altogether.

3. Rinse Often

Drink coffee first thing in the morning and it will stay on your teeth all day long until you brush before bed. For those times during the day when you can't brush, be sure to at least rinse with water or mouthwash. This will help keep bacteria and food off your teeth and your smile looking fresh.

4. Visit the Dentist Regularly

Lastly, be sure to visit your favorite Stamford, CT dentist at Comprehensive Dental Group regularly. Regular dentist visits are crucial for keeping your teeth clean, bright and shiny. Go ahead and you book your next appointment right away, even if it's still a few months off. This is one important appointment you won't want to miss!

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