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What Are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Silver amalgam fillings, once the only option if you had a cavity, are being replaced by more natural-looking tooth-colored fillings. Stamford fillingsCT, dentists Dr. Irina Pogosian and Thomas Ohlson of Comprehensive Dental Group provide the dental treatments and services you need to keep your smile in good condition, including tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent alternative to silver amalgam fillings

Although silver-amalgam fillings have been used for years, they have several disadvantages, including:

  • Appearance: The fillings are noticeable when you eat, speak or laugh. In some cases, they may affect the appearance of your tooth. A shadow from a large silver amalgam filling may make your tooth look darker. Teeth restored with the fillings may also darken if the amalgam material begins to leak into your tooth enamel.
  • Cracks: The metals in silver amalgam expand and contract when you consume hot and cold foods and beverages. After many years, your teeth may develop cracks due to the regular expansion and contraction. Cracks can let bacteria into your teeth and increase the risk of a tooth fracture.

Tooth-colored fillings contain no metals and don't change the appearance of your teeth. They're composed of composite resin, a flexible material made of powdered glass and plastic that's tinted to match common tooth shades. Once the composite resin is added to your tooth, it's hardened by applying a curing light to your tooth for a short period of time.

Expansion and contraction isn't a problem with tooth-colored fillings. Because composite resin contains no metals, your filling doesn't change no matter what you eat or or drink. During the filling process, your dentist must remove a certain amount of healthy tooth structure surrounding the decayed part of your tooth. Tooth-colored fillings only require the removal of a small amount of the structure, unlike silver amalgam fillings. As a result, your tooth remains strong after you receive your filling.

Restore your teeth with tooth-colored fillings! If you're concerned about a cavity, call Stamford CT, dentists Dr. Irina Pogosian and Thomas Ohlson of Comprehensive Dental Group at (203) 359-3296 to schedule an appointment.

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