How Dental Bonding Can Repair Small Chips or Cracks
By Comprehensive Dental Group
April 21, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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What you need to know about dental bonding

Your teeth take a beating throughout your life, especially if you use them as tools, to tear open things or to cut price tags. Sooner or later, dental bondingsmall chips and cracks appear and your once beautiful teeth now look well-used. It’s time to repair your teeth with dental bonding, the quick and easy way to give you back your smile. Your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Group in Stamford, CT want to help repair those small cracks and chips and give you a new smile!

Dental bonding requires a special, artistic touch, so don’t go see just anyone. You need the services of a Stamford dental artist, like your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Group. They want to help you discover the many ways dental bonding can help your smile. In addition to fixing small chips and cracks, dental bonding can fix bigger cosmetic issues too, including:

  • Badly discolored teeth from traumatic injury or medications
  • Poorly spaced or slightly overlapped teeth
  • Crooked or badly aligned teeth from genetics
  • Excessively worn, uneven teeth from age-related wear and tear

Your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Group use a material called composite for your dental bonding treatment. Composite is liquid resin which can be sculpted and shaped precisely and then hardened with a special “curing” light. As a final step, your dentists will shape and polish your new composite restoration to perfection. Chances are you won’t even need to be numb!

Dental bonding with composite is quick, easy and inexpensive. Isn’t it about time you invested in yourself? You deserve to look as celebrity-perfect as possible and that begins with your smile. Seek out the services of a dental artist like your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Group. You can be on your way to a new smile with a simple phone call. When it comes to your smile, don’t wait! Call your dentists at Comprehensive Dental Group in Stamford, CT and learn more about what dental bonding can do for you. Call today!