What is Causing My Tooth Pain?
May 27, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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You may experience tooth pain for many reasons. Whatever the cause, you can't fix it yourself. At Comprehensive Dental Group in Stamford, CT, your dentists, Dr. Irina Pogosian and Dr. Thomas Ohlson, reveal what's happening and help you experience great oral health again.

What causes a tooth ache?

Cavities are the major cause for tooth pain. 123Dentist reports that even small cavities can be painful. Deeper decay into the interior pulp chamber results in infection with throbbing discomfort, pus, swollen gums and jaw, and more.

Other distressing tooth pain is lingering sensitivity. Hot and cold tooth sensitivity is one example. A deteriorating filling or exposed roots because of gum disease could lead to this intermittent discomfort. Varying degrees of gum disease trouble soft oral tissues and underlying bone, too.

In addition, biomechanical problems cause toothaches. If you clench or grind your teeth when you feel stressed, the enamel will wear and you'll experience discomfort. An uneven dental bite or a cracked tooth (sometimes only noticeable on X-ray) develop constant discomfort or begin a toothache over time.

At Comprehensive Dental Group, you can find the relief you need, improve your oral function, and keep your smile appearance, depending on the nature of the problem. Your Stamford, CT, dentist will outline your treatment options and show you ways to prevent additional problems in the future.

Treatments for dental pain

Restorative services include:

  • Tooth-colored fillings made from porcelain, composite resin or glass ionomer
  • Porcelain crowns, made to support and cover heavily decayed or cracked teeth
  • Periodontal disease therapy, including laser gum treatments
  • Comfortable dental extractions for teeth too damaged to restore (may include replacement with dental implants)
  • Root canal therapy to heal infection and seal and crown a cracked or decayed tooth
  • Orthodontic care for misaligned teeth and poor bite

Additionally, you can cause dental pain by brushing your teeth and gums too vigorously, wearing gum tissue and tooth enamel. Side to side brushing harms tooth structure, too, says the American Association of Endodontists. Use a soft brush, be gentle and use a circular brushing motion.

Let us help you

At Comprehensive Dental Group, we want our patients comfortable, happy and smiling with good oral health. If you're experiencing any degree of tooth pain, please contact our Stamford, CT, dentists, Dr. Pogosian or Dr. Ohlson. We're here to help your routine and your urgent oral health needs. Phone the office at (203) 359-3296.